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KMC Sunday service Sunday 22 November 2020
The Feast of Christ the King

KMC Breakfast Bites All Age Worship 22 Nov 2020
Join us for songs, prayer, a Bible story and crafts as we get ready for Advent, and find out how to make your own Jesse Tree!

KMC Worship for Sunday 15th November 2020
The parable of the talents - how do we use our gifts?

In Loving Memory - Keynsham Methodist Church
A reflective service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving for those we have loved and lost.

KMC Worship for Sunday 1st November 2020
Reflecting on All Saints Day and what it means to be a Saint

KMC Worship for 25th October 2020
"Best of all is God is with us" - with Rev Dr Jonathan Pye

KMC Worship for Sunday 18th October 2020
Reflecting on feeling "betwixt and between"

Sunday 11th October 2020 All Age Worship and Messy Church
focussing on Operation Christmas Child

KMC Worship Sunday 4th October 2020
Looking at things from God's perspective

KMC All-Age Harvest Worship 27 September 2020
Celebrate Harvest & discover how change can begin with a bicycle!

Worship for Sunday 20 September 2020
reflecting on the parable of The Workers in the Vineyard

Worship for Sunday 13 September 2020
Reflecting on Jesus' teaching about Forgiveness

KMC Worship Sunday 6th September 2020
Reflecting on Jesus' words about building community

KMC Worship Sunday 30th August 2020
Reflecting on Jesus' call to self-sacrifice

KMC Worship Sunday 23 August 2020
"Who do you say I am?"

KMC Worship for Sunday 16th August 2020
Walking on Water (2) - Reflecting on what it takes to "walk on water"!

KMC Worship for Sunday 26th July 2020
Reflections on the Book of Ruth

Worship for Sunday 19th July 2020
The Lord's Prayer - A manifesto for discipleship

KMC Worship for Sunday 12th July 2020
Reflecting on the Parable of the Mustard Seed using Godly Play

KMC Messy Church 28 June
Join us for a Bible story, song and some crafts to try at home

KMC Worship for Sunday 5th July 2020
Learn the Unforced Rhythms of Grace

KMC Worship for Sunday 28 June
a short service on Nehemiah

KMC Worship for Sunday 21 June 2020
A short service on the theme of Faith

KMC Worship Sunday 14 June 2020
Jesus sends his disciples on mission!

Worship for Trinity Sunday 2020
A Short service for Trinity Sunday 7th June 2020

Thy Kingdom Come - Day 10: Silence
A Short Reflection Prayer & Action

Thy Kingdom Come - Day 11: Pentecost
a Short Reflection Prayer & Action

Pentecost Sunday Worship 31 May 2020
A service to celebrate Pentecost

Thy Kingdom Come - Day 8: Adore
A short Reflection,Prayer and Action

Thy Kingdom Come - Day 9: Celebrate
a short reflection prayer & action

Thy Kingdom Come - Day 7: Help
a short Reflection, Prayer and Action

Thy Kingdom Come - Day 6: Pray
A short Reflection, Prayer & Action

Thy Kingdom Come - Day 5: Offer
A short Reflection, Prayer and Action

Thy Kingdom Come - Day 4: Sorry
A short Reflection, Prayer & Action

Celebrating Aldersgate Sunday 24 May 2020
Join us in worship as we give thanks for God's Amazing Grace!

Thy Kingdom Come - Day 3: Thanks
A short Reflection, Prayer & Action

Thy Kingdom Come Daily Reflections - Day 2: Praise
A short Reflection, Prayer and Action

Thy Kingdom Come Daily Reflections - Day 1: Jesus
A brief daily Reflection, Prayer and Action

KMC Worship Sunday 17th May 2020 - The Holy Spirit - our Helper.
Join us for worship as we remember Jesus' promise to send his Helper - the Holy Spirit

KMC Worship for Sunday 10th May 2020 - Jesus: The Way The Truth The Life
A short worship service for the 4th Sunday of Easter led by Rev Jane Wilson

Jesus the Shepherd and Gatekeeper - Worship for Sunday 3rd May 2020
Join us in a virtual worship service this Sunday at 10am

Sunday 26th April 2020 - The Road to Emmaus - Rev Jane Wilson
A virtual service to share during the Covid-19 lockdown

Sunday 19th April - Remembering Thomas - Rev Jane Wilson
Join us for a virtual service on Sunday

Happy Easter - Sing a joyful song!
Something to cheer you up in Easter lockdown!

Easter Sunday Service
A short service to celebrate Easter in lockdown! Happy Easter everyone! Jesus Christ is risen today - Hallelujah! :-)