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KMC Sunday Worship at Victoria 15.05.2022
Service conducted by Rev David Winstanley.

KMC Worship Sunday 1st May 2022
Celebrating Jesse's baptism

KMC Worship for Sunday 24th April 2022
Jesus appears to Thomas and the Disciples

KMC Worship for Easter Sunday 2022
Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus

KMC Sunday Worship at Queens Road 27.03.2022
Scent with love - Mothering Sunday

KMC Sunday Worship at Victoria 06.03.2022
Led by the Spirit into the wilderness

KMC Worship Sunday 13 February 2022
What difference does the Resurrection make?

KMC Sunday Worship at Victoria 23.01.2022
Inviting in the Light. Apologies for the poor sound quality due to technical issues.

KMC Sunday Worship 16.01.2022
Exploring Grace - Jesus at the wedding in Cana

KMC Sunday Worship at Victoria 09.01.2022
Will you follow me if I call your name?

KMC Sunday Worship 02.01.2022
Renewing our covenant with God.

KMC Sunday Worship 19.12.2021
Service for 4th Sunday in Advent - Knocking on Doors

KMC Sunday Worship 12.12.2021
Worship for the 3rd Sunday in Advent

KMC Worship for Sunday 28 November 2021
celebrating the First Sunday in Advent, with Holy Communion

Worship at KMC Queens Road Sunday 21st November 2021
The feast of Christ the King with Holy Communion

KMC Worship Sunday 7 November 2021 Queens Rd
Living Generously (inc blessing of Christmas Shoeboxes)

KMC Worship Sunday 3rd October 2021
Reflecting on community, sharing Holy Communion

KMC Harvest celebration 26 September 2021
celebrating God's generosity

KMC Eco Service 19 September 2021
Caring for God's Creation - part of the Keynsham Community Eco Festival

KMC Worship for Sunday 12 September 2021 Education Sunday
Guest preacher Freda Carey Mission Partner with Open Theological Seminary Pakistan

Worship at KMC Victoria Sunday 5th Sept. 2021
Communion and the inspiration of Lax of Poplar

KMC Worship Sunday 22 August 2021
including the Baptism of Parker Davenport

KMC Worship for Sunday 15 August 2021
A service including the celebration of Elliot-John's Baptism

KMC Sunday Worship 25.07.2021
We can never be separated from the love of God

KMC Sunday Worship 18.07.2021
Exploring what it is to be a Citizen of the Cosmos

KMC Sunday Worship 11.07.2021
Exploring the meaning of grace.

KMC Messy Church 11 July 2021
thinking about the story of the rich young man

KMC Worship Sunday 4 July 2021
How do we understand success and failure?

KMC Worship at Victoria 27.06.2021
The healing of Jairus' daughter

KMC Breakfast Bites June 2021
Helping others - Jesus, Jairus and the woman who was ill

KMC Worship Sunday 20 June 2021
Mark's gospel (3) - Jesus calming the storm

KMC Worship for Sunday 13 June 2021
Mark (2) the Parable of the Mustard Seed revisited

KMC Messy Church online June 2021
Thinking about our Talents

KMC Worship for Sunday 6 June 2021
Mark (1) - Jesus in conflict

KMC VIC 30.05
Worship for Trinity Sunday 3oth May 2021

KMC Breakfast Bites 30 May 2021
Thinking about the 3 persons of God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit

KMC Worship for Pentecost Sunday 23 May 2021
Celebrating the gift of the Holy Spirit

KMC Worship Sunday 16th May 2021
Celebrating the gift of Prayer

KMC Worship for Sunday 9 May 2021
Listening to God's Holy Spirit: Jesus' command to love each other