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Easter 2019, the Girls` Brigade chose the lovely hymn ‘Such Love’ to base their collage for display on the window sills in Victoria centre. As the Church is open for coffee/outreach each morning, the display was admired by many local folk visiting over the Easter period. As well as learning more about the Christian festivals as part of their badge work, the girls enjoy the ability to create through art and craft these collages throughout the year.




This Harvest the Girls` Brigade has been learning about Ethiopia. All We Can help people in some of the world’s poorest communities. In parts of Ethiopia, climate change has destroyed harvests. Now many people struggle to feed their families. The change being seen in the communities in Ethiopia is representative of the kind of impact All We Can is having across the world. The girls watched a PowerPoint about a family who live in Ethiopia. Fikerte and her family have often struggled to grow enough food to eat, because their crops (food plants) haven’t had the right climate to grow. But there is still hope, because there are some plants that can grow in this changed climate – vegetables like potatoes. Potatoes, which we can take for granted, can be the difference between life and death in Ethiopia. Food, including the potato, is an important source of energy for people. In the All We Can resources there was “Super Spud” so using a template of a potato, the girls each created a Super Spud to go on our collage for the window sill Harvest display 2019 - Deepen Your Roots. We made colourful words to advertise the Harvest theme, potato print pictures, added information about Fikerte and her family and a prayer for Ethiopia.


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