Minister's Message




 Dear friends

As we move through the month of May I expect like me you’ll have noticed the signs of new life continuing to emerge around us. The beautiful blues of forget-me-nots and bluebells and the vibrant greens of lawns, fields and trees are another reminder of the beauty and joy of God’s amazing gift of creation.

While out on a walk recently I spotted a tiny duckling zipping backwards & forwards across the pool like a wind-up toy, as if it couldn’t contain its excitement in its rush to discover the hidden delights of each nook and cranny around the edge of the water.  

It reminded me of the swifts, whose arrival I look forward to every year, because their high-pitched squeals of delight as they race around the sky searching for insects like a gang of excited schoolchildren lifts my heart and brings a smile to my lips.

Jesus encouraged us to learn from the attitude children have to life and I wonder whether he meant not only the ability to trust, but also the joy, excitement and anticipation children have as they discover new things.

 How wonderful would it be for us to be filled with that same joy and excitement, with the anticipation and expectation of finding signs of God’s presence and activity in unexpected places in our neighbourhood?

How wonderful to trust that each new discovery can help us grow in our faith, learn more about God’s love and become more like Jesus?

How wonderful to be able to look forward as we emerge from lockdown to discovering what joys God has in store for us and for the people of our community?

May God’s Holy Spirit fill all of our hearts with a childlike joy and anticipation of the new things our amazingly creative God wants to show us in the coming months!