Minister's Message


Minister’s Message Summer 2019

 My dear friends, we must love each other. Love comes from God, and when we love each other, it shows that we have been given new life. We are now God’s children, and we know him.”              1 John 4

Summer 2019 looks likely to be a summer of change in lots of ways: we’re still working through the outfall of the 2016 Referendum and what Brexit really means/whether it will ever happen - and there’ll be at least one political party leadership campaign ahead. Some changes can lead to positive outcomes and others may not....

The realisation of the effects of climate change on the natural world has created a growing public demand for urgent changes in the way we use the world’s resources. And there’s a growing campaign for justice and equal access to the basic necessities for life for all people.

Sometimes we might wonder what difference we can make in our world, or even our local community, but the old advertising slogan that “every little helps” really is true. The small choices and little things we do in our everyday lives CAN help to make a difference to our world and those who share it with us, whether that’s avoiding single use plastics, being careful about how we use water or electricity, walking instead of driving, giving our full attention to someone we meet, doing small acts of kindness, speaking words of peace, making time to stop and be in the moment and saying thank you for what we have.

Recently I was reminded of the story of “the starfish man” - about the man who is walking along a beach covered in starfish which have been left stranded as the tide has gone out, throwing them one by one back into the sea. When someone asks him why, he says “Well if they don’t get back in the water soon, they’ll dry out and die.” The person who asked him looks up and down the beach which is covered in hundreds of stranded starfish, and says “But what difference is that going to make? You can’t possibly throw all of them back!” So the man turns to him and says “I know - but for the ones I do throw back, it’s going to make all the difference in the world.”

A friend of mine once worked at a church drop-in project for homeless and street people called “the Starfish Project” because it was based on the belief that just offering a friendly face and a cup of coffee to people who had no-one to talk to would make a small but vital difference to their lives.  It’s only a small thing, but so often the small things can make a world of difference. And all of us have the ability to do that! 

As Christians we believe God calls all of us to share his love with those around us whenever and however we can.

Maybe this summer we could all try doing something small which might just make a difference to someone else’s day.  Why not come along to the Victoria centre Coffee room (open 10-12 each morning), or to Cafe Plus at Queens Road centre on Friday mornings (8.45-10.45am)? You never know who you might meet - or what a difference you could make to each other’s day!

Be blessed! And be a blessing!

Jane  <><