Minister's Message




Dear friends

Recently a friend sent me a helpful reflection which likened the challenges for churches as they emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic to a train with a line of carriages coupled to each other which hasn’t been able to move forward for a while. When a train begins to move you need to make sure that all the couplings between the carriages are maintained so that all the carriages remained connected to each other as they gradually build up speed together. If you try to force the pace too quickly it puts a strain on the links which can break the couplings so that the carriages at the back are left standing in the station!

It’s important to move together gradually and gently as we resume some of our former activities, so that those at the front who are keen to “get back to it” are aware of those near the back who still feel vulnerable and cautious.

Those of us who enjoy walking know that when we travel in a group it’s important to set the pace by the slowest, not the fastest, so that no one gets left behind!

As we gradually restart church activities it’s been great to welcome friends old and new into the Coffee Room, Shoppers’ service and Café Plus, and Junior Church, Breakfast Bites and Messy Church. Other groups will be restarting in the coming weeks and some are changing the way they meet, so look out for details.

Like many churches in our circuit we’re taking part in the Mission Planning process as we listen to our community, share thoughts and dreams about how our church might look in the future, and, most importantly pray for God’s guidance for our church’s future mission.  

As we journey through this next stage of transition let’s remember our calling to share the love of God in Jesus with everyone we meet, trusting that through His Holy Spirit he will guide our ways and lead us along the path of his choosing – and let’s also remember, as the saying goes, that  “Change is a sign of life!”

Peace and blessings