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Jenny and Linda each receive their 30 years` GB Service award

3rd Keynsham Company of the Girls` Brigade.

Two leaders receive their 30 years’ service award.

 Our last Captain was still a GB member when I first joined as a leader and she ended up taking her Officer papers and eventually became our Company Captain for many years. Both BB and GB Companies were very well attended when we came to Keynsham in 1987 and in those days they were strict in discipline, uniform, drill every week and a chance to learn bugle or drum. Parade was monthly and the sound of the Brigade band marching round Keynsham was exciting and uplifting. The sheer number of young people was amazing. They took part in the Church Service at either centres of Keynsham Methodist Church and the flags were always presented to the Minister for display at the front of the Church.  Many uniform organisations today are sadly not so popular with all the other activities on offer.  It is not anything like the formal GB of yesteryear but we hold the same core values and follow the GB motto of Seek, Serve and follow Christ. The aim of The Girls' Brigade is to help girls become followers of Jesus learning Christian faith, mission, service, respect for ourselves and each other. We celebrate with them the Christian Festivals and take our part in the life of the Church in promoting our faith and mission in our regular window sill displays in Church including Fairtrade every year and recent events e.g. “Toilet Twinning” and recently “All We Can” last Harvest and learning about mission in other countries. If you go into the Key Centre halls, either upstairs or downstairs you will be aware of the work by the girls on the display boards illustrating our “mission of outreach” to those who use our premises. We also have fun at Girls’ Brigade with games, crafts, music, stories and time to share with one another. This December we have been making angels to be part of the Christmas Angel display at Victoria and working on taking part in the 10am Service on Sunday 26th  November where two of us leaders will receive our 30 years’ service award. Having been the only female in a male household it has been a delight for me to work with so many girls over the years. It has also been particularly special for me that my granddaughter has been in the Company for the last 6 years. 2018 marks GB`s 125th year of mission among girls. We thank God for all the Officers, helpers and girls that have passed through the 3rd Keynsham Company in the past. We pray for the future of the Girls’ Brigade not only in this Church but throughout the World and the Churches that support them.

Magazine report by one of the leaders




On Sunday 18th of February at Keynsham Methodist Church  we held a United FAIRTRADE Service at Victoria. The ECO group is responsible for input into three services a year and in one of them we decided to promote Fairtrade. The ECO Matters group met with Jane our Minister and put together a service from the Fairtrade resources. They also invited the Girls` Brigade, through its leaders to be part of the service. Girls ‘Brigade has been involved in Fairtrade for many years and the girls, for their Mission and Justice badges, learn of the hardship that folk in other countries who are not part of Fairtrade have, and the struggles they experience with poor pay, difficult living conditions and lack of education and health care for their families. Through the story of Florentina, a banana farmer in Panama they made a collage which explained the before and after Fairtrade situation for Florentina and her family. This was also the theme for the Service when we were asked “Who is your neighbour ?” We learnt through the photo slides and words from Florentina herself, the difference in her life after Fairtrade. The girls showed their collage in the service and prayed for Florentina and her family and also invited the members of the congregation to join in a Banana quiz.  It was interesting that most folk thought bananas grow on trees. The rhizome (corm) is the banana plant's true stem. They are actually regarded as a herbaceous plant  (or 'herb'), not a tree, because the stem does not contain true woody tissue. At the end of the service there was a Fairtrade stall. As usual, the Girls` Brigade had promotional displays in place at both centres and on the window sills in the sanctuary at Victoria. The photo is the collage the girls made. We have been encouraged to continue to support Fairtrade to ensure that the person, who grew the banana you are eating, or the coffee beans used to make your drink, was paid fairly for their work. Buy your Fairtrade bananas at Co-op, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. FAIRTRADE  asked  “Have you done this? Tell everyone about it: "When you buy food for a snack try to ensure it is Fairtrade in support of the farmers who grow our food.The Girls` Brigade members did this when they met in their next session following the service and ate Fairtrade bananas dipped in Fairtrade chocolate. They also made some banana cakes.



 At the Victoria centre of Keynsham Methodist Church the window sills are decorated for Easter by different groups of the Church .The Girls` Brigade usually work together on a collage. This way it includes all ages taking part to build up one picture.

The theme of Easter 2018 for our GB display was the lovely Hymn from Singing the Faith 332 “  You came from Heaven to Earth to show the way ” and takes us through the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus returning to Heaven. It was displayed in the Church throughout Easter and is now on the GB board in one of our halls for everyone to see.